Solutions and Services

We offer comprehensive environmental and engineering services for highly complex projects, guaranteeing:


We are pioneers in introducing special and innovative techniques and equipment into the country


We have software and specialists who give scientific support to the projects


We have adopted safety as a work philosophy


We rely on the use of the most advanced technologies that also make operating costs more efficient


Our specialists will always offer you the most appropriate cost/benefit solution


More than 50 specialists who have implemented successful projects for 25 years


Management and Auditing

With the collaboration of our staff specialized in regulatory compliance in environmental matters and safety and hygiene, CAM offers a wide range of support services during the operation and maintenance stages of all types of industrial and/or commercial operations throughout the Mexican territory and Latin American countries. The main services we offer in this category are:

  • Definition of the regulatory framework applicable to all types of operations
  • Assistance in the management of various procedures for the transfer of operations
  • On-site counseling (“inplant”) to diagnose the degree of regulatory compliance
  • Design and follow-up of action plans derived from inspections by authorities or internal audits
  • Environmental and health and safety regulatory compliance assessment (internal compliance audits)
  • Identification of potential environmental liabilities under ASTM guidelines (“ESA Phase I”)
  • Design of multi-year internal audit and inspection portfolios for groups of companies
  • Regularization of old operations
  • Annual reports of compliance with terms and conditions of environmental resolutions
  • Definition of regulatory obligations and direct management of procedures for the hydrocarbon sector
  • Assessment of regulatory compliance in service stations
  • Monitoring of terms and conditions regarding environmental impact and risk and change in land use
  • Annual operating and emissions reports (federal COA and state equivalents)
  • Accompaniment for the review of terms and conditions
  • Review and communication to corporations about changes and developments in applicable regulations (daily review)
  • Direct management of environmental procedures (licenses, records, management plans, studies, monitoring, etc.)


GEOMATICS is a complementary discipline of studies and projects related, among others, to Geosciences, where the means for the capture, treatment, analysis, interpretation, dissemination, and storage of geographic information are integrated, while involving the use of traditional spatial techniques used in Cartography such as Topography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) among others.

Today, Geomatics is a particularly important technological tool in the development of spatial studies and assessment of the natural and geographical environment, since it allows better processing times and handling of more complete information.


  • Cartography/3D Models
  • Landscape study
  • Water/wind erosion analysis
  • Projection of changes in forest cover
  • Analysis of water balance
  • Reconnaissance flights for projects with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Thematic mapping of the physical environment
  • Modeling of polluting plumes and volumetry of polluted soil

Our commitment in this regard is to provide our clients with real and highly reliable information for decision-making, in the best formats for their better understanding.

Safety and Hygiene

In line and consistent with our safety and health culture at work, we replicate it for our clients with the provision of services in matters of industrial safety and occupational hygiene, such as:

  • Diagnosis on the degree of high-level compliance in accordance with Mexican regulations and specific international and private corporate guidelines
  • Development of specific health protocols for the workplace
  • Internal regulatory compliance audits
  • On-site assistance in identifying compliance gaps
  • Follow-up in the implementation of corrective action plans
  • Review of internal protocols
  • Work or on-site supervision
  • Design and training for the implementation of Plans and Protocols
  • Preventive risk assessment
  • Assistance in the formation and training of Safety and Hygiene Commissions
  • Assistance in the formation and training of Civil Protection Brigade

Socio-Environmental Impact and Risk

CAM offers specialized environmental and social services for the authorization and proper development of new investment projects and for those that require expansion in their operations, all this facing a scenario of increasing demand from the governmental, social and corporate regulatory spheres. Throughout our corporate career we have managed to form a multidisciplinary team of specialists with the ability to carry out the following services:

  • Environmental and social baseline studies
  • Design and execution of environmental monitoring programs
  • Internal environmental supervision of terms and conditions for on-site projects
  • Execution of wildlife rescue and relocation programs
  • of rescued individuals and reforestation
  • Execution and supervision of land-use change in forest lands
  • Environmental impact assessments (MIA) at all levels of government
  • Supporting technical studies for the change of land use in forest lands (ETJ)
  • Environmental risk studies and accident prevention programs (PPA)
  • Attention to conditioning factors, monitoring of terms and conditions in terms of environmental impact and risk, and change in land use
  • Assessment on the effectiveness and reconsideration of the applicability of mitigation and compensation measures
  • Identification and evaluation of viable areas for the execution of soil conservation works and compensation for reforestation

CAM has state authorizations and registries as a qualified service provider in environmental impact matters.

Environmental Site Characterizations

  • Environmental drilling services in soil and rock
  • Soil and waste sampling
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Technical Consulting (Peer Review)
  • Attention to Environmental Emergencies
  • Preparation and Presentation of Characterization of Contaminated Sites Studies

Remediation of Contaminated Sites

  • Dismantling and demolition of industrial facilities.
  • Excavation, transport, and disposal of contaminated soil and waste
  • In-situ remediation methods: Biopiles, Bioventing, Oxidation/Chemical Reduction
  • Groundwater remediation systems
  • Final Verifying soil and groundwater sampling
  • Supervision of work, safety aspects, and remediation actions (third part)
  • Attention to Environmental Emergencies
  • Technical Consulting (Peer Review)
  • Preparation and Presentation of Remediation Proposals

Hazardous Waste Transportation

  • Transportation of contaminated soil and waste in bulk (double gondola)
  • Transport of packaged waste (boxes, drums, bins, totes) in dry boxes


  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells (shallow and deep)
  • Pumping and permeability tests
  • Surface and groundwater quality studies
  • Network design for groundwater monitoring
  • Comprehensive Hydrogeological Studies
  • Technical Consulting (Peer Review)

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